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About Northgate Trailer Rental

Dumpster and Trailer Rental in Canton, MI

Northgate Dumpster and Trailer Rental

Our Story

We started as a roofing restoration company with 1 small SUV completing 1 roof a week that has morphed into a QUASI-construction company that has 12 trailers siting around during the off season doing nothing! Those trailers need to move your JUNK, so it is not in your TRUNK!


Founded just a couple of years ago we grow grown LEAPS and BOUNDS! From roofs to junk and debris we will remove it all for you just load the trailer up and call us to pick it up! We are here to help you live a clean and clutter free life.


Trailers are clean and not dirty or unsightly. We take pride in our work and customer service!

We will become Michigan’s premier trailer rental company! From 12 trailers now to 112 no trailer will go left unfilled with JUNK! 


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